Soundfont 2 XRNI

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Soundfont2xrnix86.exe is a command-line program that extracts the instruments inside a .sf2 file and converts them into .xrni (Renoise) instruments.



The command-line has only 1 argument, that can be used in several manners. Examples:

soundfont2xrnix86 cello.sf2 to extract all the instruments out of a single .sf2 file
soundfont2xrnix86 *.sf2 to extract all the instruments out of every .sf2 file in the current directory
soundfont2xrnix86 a*.sf2 to extract all the instruments out of every .sf2 file whose name starts with a

1 Download and install in your system the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015: since soundfont2xrnix86.exe is for 32 bits, you must choose the file vc_redist.x86.exe from here.
2 Extract the content of the soundfont2xrnix86v1beta.rar file into any directory you want.
3 For being able to use the program without having to save it in the current directory, add to the system PATH variable the path to the soundfont2xrnix86.exe file.

The execution in a console-msdos-window looks like this:


Download version 1-BETA

You can download version 1-BETA from here:




Corrected Errors in this version
07-11-2015 New .xrni name It often happens the name of the inner instruments does not correspond with the name of the original .sf2 file. Thus, from now on forward, for avoiding disorder, the final name of the .xrni file will be the original .sf2 file name plus the inner name of the instrument separated with one -
04-11-2015 Direct reading from disk While making the beta the program was reading the whole .sf2 into memory, that may bring memory errors for a big .sf2. Now it does all processes reading directly from the .sf2 file in disk. Apparently this makes the conversion slower, but safer.
03-11-2015 Removal of illegal characters in the instrument name. Sometimes other coverters often extract .sf2 files out of bigger .sf2 containers putting illegal characters in the instrument name, such as * / \ | : , etc, bringing error at the time of writting the .xrni. Those illegal characters are ignored now.


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